Catalogue of material available from the Archive

The Sorabji Archive maintains a comprehensive catalogue, including prices, of all music scores, books and literature by Sorabji which we supply to the public, including new publications, manuscript and computer-printed new definitive editions and corrected publications of music scores.

In addition to Sorabji’s scores, the Archive is also the selling agent for the musical scores of Alistair Hinton and Marc-André Hamelin.


The Archive also maintains lists of original out-of-print scores and literary publications which, though rare, we endeavour to source and supply upon request.

We also supply a copy of the publishers’ leaflet detailing the first full-length volume about Sorabji: Sorabji: A Critical Celebration, edited by Paul Rapoport (Scolar Press [now Ashgate Publishing], Aldershot, UK; 1992, repr. 1994).

A printed brochure is also available which contains all of this information.

We update our information continuously and welcome all enquiries concerning Kaikhosru Sorabji.


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