KSS72 Symphony Jāmī

Piece details

  • Written for: Orchestra
  • Instruments: 2+4+alt flt 4+1+bss obo 2Eflat clt+4+1+cbs clt 4+1+cbs sar/8 6 4 2/4tym prc/ 4hrp pno org/bar SSAATTB/ strs
  • Date composed: 1942–51
  • Dedicatee: Mervyn Vicars
  • Approximate duration (minutes): 280
  • Manuscript pages: 824
  • Manuscript location: Paul Sacher Foundation, Basel
  • Comments: A large scale work for orchestra, piano, organ, baritone solo and chorus.
    A provisional updated version of David Carter’s draft typeset edition of the symphony’s third movement, from which his virtual performance was made, is now available; details upon request.
    Virtual performance of the whole work.

Editions available from the Sorabji Archive

  • Manuscript, A3P. 824 pages.
    Price: £205 (paper), £55 (pdf)
    Right-click to download high resolution sample page: PDF PNG