KSS87 Toccata Quarta

Piece details

  • Written for: Piano
  • Date composed: 1964–67
  • Dedicatee: Paul Rapoport
  • Approximate duration (minutes): 150
  • Manuscript pages: 149
  • Manuscript location: Paul Sacher Foundation, Basel
  • Comments:
    I Theme (and 24 variations)
    II Quasi corale
    III Intermezzo primo
    IV Passacaglia (with 102 variations)
    V Intermezzo secondo
    VI Cadenza-toccata
    VII Preludio adagio. Fuga quintuplex

Editions available from the Sorabji Archive

  • Manuscript, A3L. 149 pages.
    Price: £39 (paper), £10 (pdf)
    Right-click to download high resolution sample page: PDF PNG


  • 20/12/2014 Florian Steininger (piano) [5]
    Musentempel, Karlsruhe, Germany